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The Knitting-Warehouse Softness Meter


What is "The Knitting-Warehouse Softness Meter"? "The Knitting-Warehouse Softness Meter", is a meter that rates the softness of yarn as compared to other yarns we carry. Yarns are rated from 1-12. 1 being the roughest yarn to 12 being the softest.

We, at, realized that one of the difficulties in purchasing yarn online is, you can't feel how soft the yarn is. We wanted to solve this problem for you, our customers. We actually knitted swatches of the yarns we carry and touching each swatch, placed the swatches in order by softness.

"The Knitting-Warehouse Softness Meter" is meant as a general aid for our customers to roughly gauge the softness of a yarn. It is not intended to be a definitive guide, as our method of determining softness is subjective.
  • Our method to determine softness is touching the swatch we knitted and comparing it with other yarn swatches. It is not scientific.
  • Although we sincerely gave it our best efforts to rank the yarn by softness, there will undoubtedly be changes to the meter over time with new additions and reviews of ranking.
  • The softness rating was determined from a swatch knitted straight off an unwashed skein. Many of the yarns soften after the first washing.
  • For the most part, the majority of yarns were soft. The roughest yarns included metallic yarns, yarns with metallic strands and yarns made for creating rugs and other crafts, not necessarily apparel.
  • Some yarns had a degree of grittiness. If a yarn had grittiness, even though it was soft, it got demoted.
  • Some of the yarns had a creamy feel. If a yarn had a creamy feel and no grittiness they got promoted. This explains why some of the cotton yarns got a higher ranking, as their creamy texture promoted them over grittier predecessors.
  • It was challenging to rank the yarn by softness. Some of the yarn felt exactly the same, some were different just by a small degree. Many of the yarns had ranking shifts as we struggled to determine their ranking position.
  • Determining softness between different types of yarn, for example a ruffle yarn and a boucle yarn, was also very challenging.
  • Please send any comments or suggestions about the softness meter to:
  • "The Knitting-Warehouse Softness Meter" is opinion based, therefore there will be no refunds issued based on disagreements in the ratings.
With all that being said, we hope this tool is useful for you and gives you a general idea of the softness of a yarn as interpreted by our team. Please enjoy "The Knitting-Warehouse Softness Meter" and as always thank you for shopping at

Please click on the following ratings 1-12. The roughest yarn is given a rating of 1 and the softest yarn is given a rating of 12. Within each section the yarns are also ordered sequentially from roughest yarn to softest yarn.

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