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Knitting Needles

knitting needles

There are many different types of knitting needles from different manufacturers. What type of knitting needle do you need? Most knitting patterns tell you what type of knitting needle you should use to make a pattern. For example, a pattern would say something like this, "Size 6 mm (U.S. 10) knitting needles". In this case, you would want to purchase single pointed 6 mm (U.S. 10) knitting needles. Different patterns call for different needles, some may say use single pointed needles, double pointed needles or circular needles. At Knitting-Warehouse we carry all these needle types and also interchangeable needles and knitting needle sets.

Beyond the type of needle it is and the size, the other considerations are, do you want your needles made from metal, bamboo, wood or plastic? Each has it's advantages. Metal needles last a long time. If you have a pet that likes to chew on things, you won't have bite marks from them in your needles. Metal needles make a clicking sound when knitting with them. Some knitters like the clicking sound, others don't. Bamboo and wood needles are warm to the touch and are more quiet when knitting with them, so are preferred by some knitters, but are not as durable as metal needles. Also, bamboo needles are great beginner needles as the stitches don't slip off as easily as they do with metal. Plastic needles tend to be more inexpensive compared to metal and bamboo needles, they have durability but not as much as metal needles. They are quiet, warmer to the touch than metal, and stitches don't tend to slip off as easily as metal. However, some knitter's prefer a more natural option than plastic. It all depends on what you prefer. We also carry knitting needles from several manufacturers. Some knitters have a manufacturer preference when it comes to purchasing knitting needles and will collect from the same manufacturer to get a full matching set. As time goes by, most knitter's tend to accumulate knitting needles in every type, size and length, so they have the correct size on hand for whatever project comes up. This is where knitting needles sets come in handy, so you can start with multiple sizes all at once. Interchangeable knitting needles replace the need for multiple sized circular needles as the "interchangeability" can create the different sizes and lengths you need for your circular needle project. When you start your search on Knitting-Warehouse and get into the needle types we have a filtering menu on the left side of the page so you can narrow down your search. We hope this helps you choose what knitting needles you need or want and with Knitting-Warehouse's everyday discounted prices we hope you can stock up on your knitting needle collection more affordably.
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