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Lion Brand Yarn

Lion Brand Yarn is a family owned yarn manufacturing brand that has been making yarn since 1878. They are popular because they manufacture top-end, quality, innovative yarn that makes a beautiful knit or crochet fabric. They have released new additions include Amazing Lace, Beautiful You, Touch of Merino and Touch of Mohair. Make sure to browse all the new Lion Brand yarns. Now available in popular multipacks.

Also enjoy the staple favorites including their line of wool blended yarns. These are easy care yarns that come in different thicknesses depending on your needs, such as Wool-Ease and Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn.

Another favorite staple yarn from Lion Brand is the Vanna Yarns. Vanna White teamed up with Lion Brand yarns to make a new yarn line. The most popular yarn is Vanna's Choice yarn.

If you like the self-striping cake yarns, Lion Brand doesn't disappoint with the very popular Mandala Yarn line including Mandala Yarn, Mandala Baby Yarn and Mandala Thick & Quick Yarn.

On top of these well known yarns are a variety of other yarns worthy of discovery. We carry over 50 lines of Lion Brand Yarn for your creative knitting, crochet, or other crafting projects. Shop our vast selection of Lion Brand Yarns at discount prices.