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Double Pointed Knitting Needles

Double pointed knitting needles are used in tight places. For example when you get to a crown of a hat, patterns usually have you switch to double pointed knitting needles. This is because regular knitting needles or circular needles are just too long for tight spaces. You would understand if you ever tried to finish the crown of a hat with circular needles. Double pointed knitting needles are also used to knit socks and anything round or tubular that has a small diameter. The fact that double pointed needles have a point on each side, allows you to knit in tight spaces because you can push the stitches back and forth and transfer stitches onto adjacent needles to give you better access to the stitches you are trying to knit. We carry popular brands of double pointed knitting needles including Boye, Brittany, ChiaoGoo, Clover, Knitter's Pride and Susan Bates.