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Sugar Bush Yarns

Sugar Bush Yarns is a yarn manufacturer that is new to We were very impressed with their natural fiber yarns. We were excited to be able to offer a line of yarns that appealed to customers who preferred to work with natural fibers verses synthetic ones. Although Sugar Bush does have yarn blends that do contain a synthetic element, they also have yarn lines that are all natural fibers. For example, Cabot Yarn is a #3 light weight pima cotten and linen blend. Drizzle is a 76% super kid mohair, 24% silk super fine yarn. Motley is a super fine alpaca and merino #3 light weight yarn. Finally, there is Rapture which is a worsted weight yarn made of 50% llama and 50% merino wool. We plan to be adding more Sugar Bush Yarns so, please check back for more of their fabulous yarns. They bring quality and more wonderful natural fibers to Knitting-Warehouse.

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