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Zoom Loom 4X4 Pin Loom

Zoom Loom 4X4 Pin Loom

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Zoom Loom 4X4 Pin Loom is a special pin loom for weaving. The Zoom Loom is a pin loom with a difference. We've taken a simple design and transformed it into an extremely efficient and comfortable little loom. If you've ever woven on a pin loom, you'll love our new and improved model. The loom features a sloping interior edge that effortlessly guides your weaving needle, has graceful extended sides are very comfortable to hold, instructions are molded-in on the front and back, it has handy slots that hold the beginning yarn without knotting, and is small and compact. This package contains one 4x4 inch plastic and metal loom, one 6 inch weaving needle, one 3 inch tapestry needle, and an instruction booklet with three patterns. Made in USA. Schacht Spindle Company SL2600
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UPC: 764459900211

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