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Verna Beadle Needle with Crook 7.5 0.8mm

Verna Beadle Needle with Crook 7.5in 0.8mm

by Lacis

  • $ 1134

Verna Beadle Needle with Crook 7.5in .8mm is a tool for stringing beads when bead knitting with fine yarns. A tempered steel needle with a blunt point and hook on one end and a curve on the other to allow it to be used with a bead spinner. Includes finger crook for control of direction of the hook. For #8/0 beads with lace weight yarn and #11/0 beads with cobweb weight yarns. Will hold up to 125 beads. Adjustable stops provided for each bead column. This package contains one 0.8mm stainless steel Beadle Needle 7.5in long. Imported. Lacis GB91
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UPC: 824649006885

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