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Search Press Books Pretty Knitted Hands

Search Press Books Pretty Knitted Hands

by Search Press

  • $ 1549

Search Press Books Pretty Knitted Hands 27 beautifully made, stylish and modern mitten patterns for all seasons of the year. This stylish and beautifully photographed book contains 27 knitted mitten patterns for women and men. The book is split into seasons, with eight pairs for spring and summer, seven pairs for autumn and twelve pairs of mittens for winter. Using lots of different styles, stitches, patterns and colours, there are lacy, fingerless types for spring, summer and autumn and thicker, enclosed mittens for the winter patterns. From the warmest wool to the sheerest silk, a wide range of yarns are used and there are mittens suitable for occasions as diverse as a summer party, a wedding, everyday country walks and the coldest of winter days. Search Press SP-13201
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UPC: 9781782213208

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