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Random House Books Vogue Knitting

Random House Books Vogue Knitting

by Random House

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Random House Books Vogue Knitting is the "best of" volume that celebrates Vogue Knitting's thritieth anniversary and is a must-have for knitters at all levels. Whether you are a young or an old knitter, a novice or an expert, one thing remains true: Vogue Knitting magazine is the bible for innovative and inspiring knitted garment. In Past decades, the handcrafted revolution has converted lovers of fashion and young people alike into obsessive knitters. This volume features the most sought-after patterns of Vogue Knitting from its launch in 1982 to the present. Reproducing more than 80 full-color patterns by many renowned designers and various legends from the knitting community. This book will remain a timeless and essential book for for knitters of all levels and styles. Hardcover, 288 pages. Random House RA-36802
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