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Knit & Lace Blocking Wires Kit

Take It Personally Knit & Lace Blocking Wires Kit T199

  • $ 2399


Take It Personally Knit& Lace Blocking Wires Kit T199 is a tool to block your project to prepare for finishing work. The purpose of blocking your knitted masterpiece is to uncurl and form your work to enhance the beauty of the garment you created. The wire blocking kit will make your blocking experience faster, easier and more enjoyable without the scalloped edges you get with just pins. Kit contains the following: 12 rigid 36in stainless steel wires, two flexible 24in stainless steel wires, 20 rust proof nickel plated T pins, yardstick and complete blocking instructions in a sturdy storage tube. Take It Personally T199
SKU: 074071
UPC: 999990740716

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