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Bamboo Crochet Hook 7.5in Size P 11.5mm

Bamboo Crochet Hook 7.5in Size P 11.5mm

by ChiaoGoo

  • $ 454

Bamboo Crochet Hook 7.5in Size P 11.5mm. This line features the largest bamboo crochet hook sizes available: E through U. Made of lightweight wood and dark patina, these jumbo hooks have the size permanently laser marked on the handle. Features a perfectly tapered hook with a precisely placed hold for comfort in the hand. Available in sizes E3(3.5mm), F5(3.75mm), G6(4mm), H8(5mm), I9(5.5mm), J10(6mm), K10.5(6.5mm), L11(8mm), M13(9mm), N15(10mm), P(11.5mm), and jumbo sizes: Q(15.75mm), R(17mm), S(19mm), T(22mm), and U(25mm). ChiaoGoo 1022-P
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