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Home » Yarn On Line Discount Yarn » Bernat® Yarn - Discount Bernat® Yarn

Bernat® Yarn - Discount Bernat® Yarn - Click to enlarge

Bernat® Yarn - Discount Bernat® Yarn

Bernat® Yarn - Discount Bernat® Yarn is a brand belonging to Spinrite LP. Spinrite, LP also owns Patons®, Caron, Lily® Sugar'n Cream®, Naturally Caron, Phentex® and Bond America to name some of their other brands. Bernat Yarn is good quality yarn, mostly of the synthetic or synthetic-blend variety. Some of the more popular synthetic and synthetic blended yarns include Bernat Alpaca Natural Blends Yarn, Bernat Satin Yarn and their new ruffle yarn Bernat Twist & Twirl. They also offer a 100% cotton yarn called Handicrafter Cotton Yarn. This is available in solid colors, ombres, twists, prints, stripes and in large and small skeins. Baby yarn that is popular in the Bernat line include Bernat Baby Yarn, Bernat Baby Blanket yarn and Bernat Pipsqueak yarn. We offer discounts on practically all of the yarns we carry so you can find a good deal of Bernat yarn on sale all the time here at Bernat also has a large variety of free knitting patterns and free crochet patterns to support their yarn. Those can be found on the Bernat free knitting patterns and free crochet patterns page and we also try to include them at the bottom of select yarn pages. We hope you enjoy creating with Bernat yarn.

Bernat Yarns we offer:

Bernat® Alpaca™ Natural Blends YarnBernat® Alpaca™ Natural Blends Yarn
Bernat® Baby Blanket™ Yarn 3.5ozBernat® Baby Blanket™ Yarn 3.5oz
Bernat® Baby Blanket™ Big Ball Yarn 10.5ozBernat® Baby Blanket™ Big Ball Yarn 10.5oz
Bernat® Baby Cakes YarnBernat® Baby Cakes Yarn
Bernat® Baby Coordinates™ YarnBernat® Baby Coordinates™ Yarn
Bernat® Baby Coordinates™ Ombre YarnBernat® Baby Coordinates™ Ombre Yarn
Bernat® Baby YarnBernat® Baby Yarn
Bernat® Bargello™ YarnBernat® Bargello™ Yarn
Bernat® Baby Sport Big Ball Ombre YarnBernat® Baby Sport Big Ball Ombre Yarn
Bernat® Baby Sport Big Ball YarnBernat® Baby Sport Big Ball Yarn
Bernat® Baby Sport Big Ball Yarn SparkleBernat® Baby Sport Big Ball Yarn Sparkle
Bernat® Chunky Big Ball Ombre YarnBernat® Chunky Big Ball Ombre Yarn
Bernat® Chunky Big Ball YarnBernat® Chunky Big Ball Yarn
Bernat® Big Ball Worsted YarnBernat® Big Ball Worsted Yarn
Bernat® Blanket Brights YarnBernat® Blanket Brights Yarn
Bernat® Blanket Brights Big Ball YarnBernat® Blanket Brights Big Ball Yarn
Bernat® Blanket™ Yarn 5.3ozBernat® Blanket™ Yarn 5.3oz
Bernat® Blanket™ YarnBernat® Blanket™ Yarn
Bernat® Blissful™ YarnBernat® Blissful™ Yarn
Bernat® Boa Yarn 3.5ozBernat® Boa Yarn 3.5oz
Bernat® Boa Holidays Christmas YarnBernat® Boa Holidays Christmas Yarn
Bernat® Cotton-ish™ YarnBernat® Cotton-ish™ Yarn
Bernat® Dazzle™ YarnBernat® Dazzle™ Yarn
Bernat® Dimensions™ YarnBernat® Dimensions™ Yarn
Bernat® Dippity Dots™ YarnBernat® Dippity Dots™ Yarn
Bernat® Eyelash YarnBernat® Eyelash Yarn
Bernat® Faux Fur Pom Pom 1/PkgBernat® Faux Fur Pom Pom 1/Pkg
Bernat® Fleurettes YarnBernat® Fleurettes Yarn
Bernat® Frenzy YarnBernat® Frenzy Yarn
Bernat® Gazoom™ YarnBernat® Gazoom™ Yarn
Bernat® Giggles YarnBernat® Giggles Yarn
Bernat® Giggles Ombre YarnBernat® Giggles Ombre Yarn
Bernat® Handicrafter® CottonBernat® Handicrafter® Cotton
Bernat® Handicrafter® Crochet Thread 3ozBernat® Handicrafter® Crochet Thread 3oz
Bernat® Handicrafter® Crochet Thread Ombres 3ozBernat® Handicrafter® Crochet Thread Ombres 3oz
Bernat® Handicrafter® Cotton Stripes YarnBernat® Handicrafter® Cotton Stripes Yarn
Bernat® Handicrafter® Cotton Twists YarnBernat® Handicrafter® Cotton Twists Yarn
Bernat® Handicrafter® Cotton Scents YarnBernat® Handicrafter® Cotton Scents Yarn
Bernat® Handicrafter® Cotton Yarn 340gmBernat® Handicrafter® Cotton Yarn 340gm
Bernat® Handicrafter® Cotton Twists Yarn 340gmBernat® Handicrafter® Cotton Twists Yarn 340gm
Bernat® Handicrafter® Cotton Yarn 400 gramsBernat® Handicrafter® Cotton Yarn 400 grams
Bernat® Handicrafter® DeLux Cotton YarnBernat® Handicrafter® DeLux Cotton Yarn
Bernat® Handicrafter® Cotton Ombre & Prints YarnBernat® Handicrafter® Cotton Ombre & Prints Yarn
Bernat® Handicrafter® Holidays Christmas YarnBernat® Handicrafter® Holidays Christmas Yarn
Bernat® Handicrafter® Holidays Ombre YarnBernat® Handicrafter® Holidays Ombre Yarn
Bernat® Handicrafter® Holidays Solid YarnBernat® Handicrafter® Holidays Solid Yarn
Bernat® Happy™ YarnBernat® Happy™ Yarn
Bernat® Happy™ Holidays YarnBernat® Happy™ Holidays Yarn
Bernat® Happy™ Holidays Sparkle YarnBernat® Happy™ Holidays Sparkle Yarn
Bernat® Li'l Tots YarnBernat® Li'l Tots Yarn
Bernat® Baby Lovie™ YarnBernat® Baby Lovie™ Yarn
Bernat® Mega Bulky YarnBernat® Mega Bulky Yarn
Bernat® Mega Bulky Sparkle YarnBernat® Mega Bulky Sparkle Yarn
Bernat® Multi-Ply™ YarnBernat® Multi-Ply™ Yarn
Bernat® Pipsqueak™ YarnBernat® Pipsqueak™ Yarn
Bernat® Pipsqueak™ Big Ball YarnBernat® Pipsqueak™ Big Ball Yarn
Bernat® Pipsqueak™ Holiday YarnBernat® Pipsqueak™ Holiday Yarn
Bernat® Roving YarnBernat® Roving Yarn
Bernat® Satin™ Ombre YarnBernat® Satin™ Ombre Yarn
Bernat® Satin™ Sparkle YarnBernat® Satin™ Sparkle Yarn
Bernat® Satin™ YarnBernat® Satin™ Yarn
Bernat® Soft Boucle™ YarnBernat® Soft Boucle™ Yarn
Bernat® Softee Baby YarnBernat® Softee Baby Yarn
Bernat® Softee® Baby Chunky™ YarnBernat® Softee® Baby Chunky™ Yarn
Bernat® Softee® Baby Chunky™ Ombre YarnBernat® Softee® Baby Chunky™ Ombre Yarn
Bernat® Softee® Baby Colors™ YarnBernat® Softee® Baby Colors™ Yarn
Bernat® Softee® Chunky YarnBernat® Softee® Chunky Yarn
Bernat® Softee® Chunky Ombre YarnBernat® Softee® Chunky Ombre Yarn
Bernat® Softee® Chunky Holiday YarnBernat® Softee® Chunky Holiday Yarn
Bernat® Sox™ YarnBernat® Sox™ Yarn
Bernat® Sparkle Fur™ Holiday YarnBernat® Sparkle Fur™ Holiday Yarn
Bernat® Spectrum™ YarnBernat® Spectrum™ Yarn
Bernat® Super Value™ YarnBernat® Super Value™ Yarn
Bernat® Super Value™ Ombre YarnBernat® Super Value™ Ombre Yarn
Bernat® Super Value™ Stripes YarnBernat® Super Value™ Stripes Yarn
Bernat® Super Value™ Team Colors YarnBernat® Super Value™ Team Colors Yarn
Bernat® Twist 'n Twirl™ YarnBernat® Twist 'n Twirl™ Yarn
Bernat® Viva™ YarnBernat® Viva™ Yarn
Bernat® Sheep(ish)™ YarnBernat® Sheep(ish)™ Yarn
Bernat® Waverly YarnBernat® Waverly Yarn
Bernat® Wool-Up Bulky™ YarnBernat® Wool-Up Bulky™ Yarn
Bernat® Zapp YarnBernat® Zapp Yarn
Phentex® Slipper & Craft YarnPhentex® Slipper & Craft Yarn
Phentex® Sport YarnPhentex® Sport Yarn
Phentex® Worsted YarnPhentex® Worsted Yarn
Try discount Bernat Yarn and enjoy a rewarding experience either knitting or crocheting. Keep in mind, color of yarn can vary slightly by batch, so be sure to buy enough for your whole project. Although we try to match dye lots, we cannot always guarantee them.

Free patterns are made available with special permission from Spinrite, LP. To view the patterns you need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

Bernat Baby Blanket Knit Bernat Baby Blanket Crochet Baby Afghan Crochet Baby Afghan Knit 
Baby Booties Baby Layette Baby Shawl Beautiful Baby Blanket 
Crochet Baby Blanket Crochet Booties Elvin Cap Kitty Blanket 
Plaid Baby Blanket Snail Blanket  Garter Stitch Kimono Chunky Cables Blanket to Knit 

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