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XRX Books Weave Knit Wear

XRX Books Weave Knit Wear

by XRX Publishing

  • 1859
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XRX Books Weave Knit Wear is a book that teaches you how to weave clothes. This book dispels the myth that you need expensive equipment, a large space, or special threads to weave. The directions for all 30 projects, from the narrowest boa to a 55" wide serape, are tailored to the most basic equipment-the 20" wide rigid-heddle loom-making it affordable, portable and intimate. The author pairs simple shapes that reflect the ease of current fashion, and require little cutting and sewing, with the long tradition of ethnic garments created from narrow strips of handwoven fabric. 128 pages. XRX Publishing XRX-64291
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UPC: 9781933064291

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