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Knitting Supplies - Discount Knitting Tools

Discount Knitting Tools

Find quality knitting tools including scissors, needle threaders, flourescent tape, darning needles, yarn needles, blocking wires, blocking frames, knit klips, yarn cutters, drop spindles, knitting thimbles and more.

Knit-N-Stable Tape 1inX10ydsKnit-N-Stable Tape 1inX10yds
100082Retail: $3.99Our price: $3.29
(You save: $0.70)Quantity:
Dritz Quilting Beeswax W/HolderDritz Quilting Beeswax W/Holder
086788Retail: $2.99Our price: $2.29
(You save: $0.70)Quantity:
Beeswax In HolderBeeswax In Holder
083673Retail: $2.99Our price: $2.29
(You save: $0.70)Quantity:
Yellow Beeswax 1#Yellow Beeswax 1#
086391Retail: $16.99Our price: $12.99
(You save: $4.00)Quantity:
Beeswax 1/3 OunceBeeswax 1/3 Ounce
080084Retail: $2.99Our price: $1.99
(You save: $1.00)Quantity:
Elastic ThreadersElastic Threaders
080393Retail: $2.99Our price: $2.39
(You save: $0.60)Quantity:
Susan Bates Mini Knit ClipsSusan Bates Mini Knit Clips
071149Retail: $3.99Our price: $3.49
(You save: $0.50)Quantity:
Blocking Fork Pins 40 PiecesBlocking Fork Pins 40 Pieces
071432Retail: $14.99Our price: $12.99
(You save: $2.00)Quantity:
Pattern Chart Marker SetPattern Chart Marker Set
081390Retail: $15.99Our price: $13.99
(You save: $2.00)Quantity:
Woven Pajama Elastic 1.25in x 1.25yds WhiteWoven Pajama Elastic 1.25in x 1.25yds White
100515Retail: $1.99Our price: $1.49
(You save: $0.50)Quantity:
Short Cut SnipShort Cut Snip
083214Retail: $8.99Our price: $6.99
(You save: $2.00)Quantity:
Braided Elastic 1in Wide White 1-1/4ydsBraided Elastic 1in Wide White 1-1/4yds
100524Retail: $1.99Our price: $1.69
(You save: $0.30)Quantity:
Needlecrafters Plastic Yarn Finishing Needles 6/PkgNeedlecrafters Plastic Yarn Finishing Needles 6/Pkg
115079Retail: $1.99Our price: $1.49
(You save: $0.50)Quantity:
Needlecrafters Metal Yarn Finishing NeedlesNeedlecrafters Metal Yarn Finishing Needles
115080Retail: $1.99Our price: $1.79
(You save: $0.20)Quantity:
Needlecrafters Plastic Yarn Bobbins 10/PkgNeedlecrafters Plastic Yarn Bobbins 10/Pkg
115089Retail: $1.99Our price: $1.79
(You save: $0.20)Quantity:
Easyloop Yarn ToolEasyloop Yarn Tool
090505Retail: $9.99Our price: $7.99
(You save: $2.00)Quantity:
Knit Elastic 1in Wide White 1-1/4ydsKnit Elastic 1in Wide White 1-1/4yds
100529Retail: $1.99Our price: $1.69
(You save: $0.30)Quantity:
Jumbo Wonder Clips Knitting & Crochet 12/PkgJumbo Wonder Clips Knitting & Crochet 12/Pkg
088935Retail: $13.99Our price: $9.99
(You save: $4.00)Quantity:
Weaving Stick FineWeaving Stick Fine
072290Retail: $19.99Our price: $16.99
(You save: $3.00)Quantity:
Crochet Dude Blocking Board with Grids and LogoCrochet Dude Blocking Board with Grids and Logo
260919Retail: $3.99Our price: $2.99
(You save: $1.00)Quantity:
Victorian Embroidery Scissors Pink 3.5inVictorian Embroidery Scissors Pink 3.5in
082115Retail: $5.99Our price: $4.99
(You save: $1.00)Quantity:
Curved Tip Scissors Rainbow 3.5inCurved Tip Scissors Rainbow 3.5in
082120Retail: $10.99Our price: $9.99
(You save: $1.00)Quantity:
Boye Pattern KeeperBoye Pattern Keeper
079010Retail: $12.99Our price: $10.99
(You save: $2.00)Quantity:
Embroidery Scissors Gilt Handle 2-7/8inEmbroidery Scissors Gilt Handle 2-7/8in
081662Retail: $18.99Our price: $14.99
(You save: $4.00)Quantity:
Hardanger Embroidery Scissor/Tweezers 4-3/8inHardanger Embroidery Scissor/Tweezers 4-3/8in
081665Retail: $18.99Our price: $15.99
(You save: $3.00)Quantity:
Susan Bates Finishing Needles Value Pack AssortedSusan Bates Finishing Needles Value Pack Assorted
071137Retail: $5.99Our price: $5.49
(You save: $0.50)Quantity:
Elastic Yarn Thread BlackElastic Yarn Thread Black
071082Retail: $6.99Our price: $5.99
(You save: $1.00)Quantity:
Darning Needles With Latch Hook EyeDarning Needles With Latch Hook Eye
071083Retail: $6.99Our price: $5.99
(You save: $1.00)Quantity:
Boye Hair Pin Lace ToolBoye Hair Pin Lace Tool
070893Retail: $5.99Our price: $5.49
(You save: $0.50)Quantity:
Knit Happy Square Sew Kit WhiteKnit Happy Square Sew Kit White
070834Retail: $4.99Our price: $3.99
(You save: $1.00)Quantity:
Bagsmith's Block 'N Roll Flexible Blocking MatBagsmith's Block 'N Roll Flexible Blocking Mat
070248Retail: $59.99Our price: $50.99
(You save: $9.00)Quantity:
Basket Frame Large OvalBasket Frame Large Oval
070246Retail: $7.99Our price: $6.49
(You save: $1.50)Quantity:
Basket Frame Large RoundBasket Frame Large Round
070240Retail: $7.99Our price: $6.49
(You save: $1.50)Quantity:
Basket Frame Large SquareBasket Frame Large Square
070245Retail: $7.99Our price: $6.49
(You save: $1.50)Quantity:
Darning EggDarning Egg
070234Retail: $7.99Our price: $5.49
(You save: $2.50)Quantity:
Yarn & Thread Cutter PendantYarn & Thread Cutter Pendant
075690Retail: $4.99Our price: $4.49
(You save: $0.50)Quantity:
Heart Shape Tape MeasureHeart Shape Tape Measure
075684Retail: $1.99Our price: $1.79
(You save: $0.20)Quantity:
Knit Happy Tape Measure BlueKnit Happy Tape Measure Blue
075666Retail: $2.99Our price: $2.79
(You save: $0.20)Quantity:
Knit Happy Tape Measure GreenKnit Happy Tape Measure Green
075667Retail: $2.99Our price: $2.79
(You save: $0.20)Quantity:
Knit Happy Tape Measure PinkKnit Happy Tape Measure Pink
075668Retail: $2.99Our price: $2.79
(You save: $0.20)Quantity:
Knit Happy Tape Measure PurpleKnit Happy Tape Measure Purple
075669Retail: $2.99Our price: $2.79
(You save: $0.20)Quantity:
Knit Happy Tape Measure RedKnit Happy Tape Measure Red
075670Retail: $2.99Our price: $2.79
(You save: $0.20)Quantity:
Knit Accessory KitKnit Accessory Kit
075246Retail: $14.99Our price: $10.79
(You save: $4.20)Quantity:
Thread Snip BlueThread Snip Blue
087999Retail: $2.99Our price: $2.49
(You save: $0.50)Quantity:
Crochet Dude Metal Bend Yarn NeedleCrochet Dude Metal Bend Yarn Needle
075230Retail: $3.99Our price: $2.99
(You save: $1.00)Quantity:
Project Talker 18 PiecesProject Talker 18 Pieces
075259Retail: $4.99Our price: $3.79
(You save: $1.20)Quantity:
Steel Bent Tip Yarn NeedlesSteel Bent Tip Yarn Needles
075267Retail: $2.99Our price: $2.49
(You save: $0.50)Quantity:
Crystalites StitchpinsCrystalites Stitchpins
075266Retail: $3.99Our price: $3.49
(You save: $0.50)Quantity:
Comfort Grip Sewing Scissors 8 1/2Comfort Grip Sewing Scissors 8 1/2
087784Retail: $8.99Our price: $8.49
(You save: $0.50)Quantity:
Comfort Grip Sewing Scissors 6 1/2Comfort Grip Sewing Scissors 6 1/2
087785Retail: $6.99Our price: $6.49
(You save: $0.50)Quantity:
Thread Winder/BobbinThread Winder/Bobbin
075277Retail: $6.99Our price: $6.49
(You save: $0.50)Quantity:
PROP IT Hands Free Page Magnifier And StandPROP IT Hands Free Page Magnifier And Stand
075216Retail: $27.99Our price: $24.99
(You save: $3.00)Quantity:
Heritage Knitter Scissors 5inHeritage Knitter Scissors 5in
087530Retail: $17.99Our price: $12.99
(You save: $5.00)Quantity:
Dura Snips Squeeze Style Thread Snips 4 3/4in Pink & BlackDura Snips Squeeze Style Thread Snips 4 3/4in Pink & Black
087567Retail: $18.99Our price: $12.99
(You save: $6.00)Quantity:
Embroidery Scissors PurpleEmbroidery Scissors Purple
087384Retail: $9.99Our price: $8.99
(You save: $1.00)Quantity:
Sidehopper Jump Stitch Scissor Assorted ColorsSidehopper Jump Stitch Scissor Assorted Colors
087508Retail: $18.99Our price: $13.49
(You save: $5.50)Quantity:
Soft Touch Thread PicSoft Touch Thread Pic
087296Retail: $8.99Our price: $6.99
(You save: $2.00)Quantity:
Knitting Supplies - Deluxe Knit & Lace Blocking Wires KitKnitting Supplies - Deluxe Knit & Lace Blocking Wires Kit
074380Retail: $39.99Our price: $27.99
(You save: $12.00)Quantity:
Knitting Supplies - Knit & Lace Blocking Wires KitKnitting Supplies - Knit & Lace Blocking Wires Kit
074071Retail: $25.99Our price: $19.99
(You save: $6.00)Quantity:
Wooly Board Adjustable Blocking FrameWooly Board Adjustable Blocking Frame
074194Retail: $139.99Our price: $106.99
(You save: $33.00)Quantity:
Kumihimo 40 Slot Braiding Board KitKumihimo 40 Slot Braiding Board Kit
074654Retail: $11.99Our price: $8.99
(You save: $3.00)Quantity:
Colorscope Color Selector Scope 1/Pkg GoldColorscope Color Selector Scope 1/Pkg Gold
371072Retail: $7.95Our price: $6.95
(You save: $1.00)Quantity:
The Snag Lite Lighted Snag FixerThe Snag Lite Lighted Snag Fixer
085887Retail: $6.99Our price: $6.49
(You save: $0.50)Quantity:
Clover Hair Pin Lace ToolClover Hair Pin Lace Tool
072781Retail: $15.99Our price: $11.99
(You save: $4.00)Quantity:
Nap Riser BrushNap Riser Brush
083459Retail: $3.49Our price: $2.49
(You save: $1.00)Quantity:
Netting KitNetting Kit
074218Retail: $7.50Our price: $6.50
(You save: $1.00)Quantity:
Strip It Fabric StripperStrip It Fabric Stripper
084201Retail: $14.99Our price: $10.49
(You save: $4.50)Quantity:
Strip It Fabric Stripper Replacement Blades 10/PkgStrip It Fabric Stripper Replacement Blades 10/Pkg
086094Retail: $5.99Our price: $3.99
(You save: $2.00)Quantity:
Magnetic Needle KeeperMagnetic Needle Keeper
082631Retail: $2.95Our price: $2.75
(You save: $0.20)Quantity:
Drop Spindle Natural WoodDrop Spindle Natural Wood
073784Retail: $11.99Our price: $8.99
(You save: $3.00)Quantity:
Clover Yarn Guide - Knitting-Warehouse.comClover Yarn Guide -
071395Retail: $3.49Our price: $2.79
(You save: $0.70)Quantity:
LoRan Norwegian Knitting ThimbleLoRan Norwegian Knitting Thimble
073852Retail: $3.79Our price: $2.79
(You save: $1.00)Quantity:
Knit Mate Knitting Accessory SetKnit Mate Knitting Accessory Set
073541Retail: $21.99Our price: $14.49
(You save: $7.50)Quantity:
Ball Point Bodkin 6inBall Point Bodkin 6in
080114Retail: $3.99Our price: $2.99
(You save: $1.00)Quantity:
Shiro Spring Tape Measure 60inShiro Spring Tape Measure 60in
083567Retail: $6.99Our price: $5.19
(You save: $1.80)Quantity:
Fuzzy Wuz Lint RemoverFuzzy Wuz Lint Remover
083776Retail: $11.99Our price: $8.14
(You save: $3.85)Quantity:
Sure Block KitSure Block Kit
084467Retail: $69.99Our price: $49.99
(You save: $20.00)Quantity:
Thread & Yarn CutterThread & Yarn Cutter
073580Retail: $7.99Our price: $6.29
(You save: $1.70)Quantity:
Needlework Graph Paper 8 1/2inX11in 40 Sheets Of Various CountsNeedlework Graph Paper 8 1/2inX11in 40 Sheets Of Various Counts
206925Retail: $4.99Our price: $3.79
(You save: $1.20)Quantity:
Fuzz NabberFuzz Nabber
087242Retail: $4.99Our price: $3.74
(You save: $1.25)Quantity:
Discount Knitting Tools ScissorsDiscount Knitting Tools Scissors
Discount Knitting Tools Yarn NeedlesDiscount Knitting Tools Yarn Needles
Discount Knitting Tools Yarn CuttersDiscount Knitting Tools Yarn Cutters
Discount Knitting Tools Highlighter TapeDiscount Knitting Tools Highlighter Tape
Discount Knitting Tools Magnetic HoldersDiscount Knitting Tools Magnetic Holders
Cabone Rings 1/2in & 3/4in 45/PkgCabone Rings 1/2in & 3/4in 45/Pkg
074621Retail: $1.99Our price: $1.69
(You save: $0.30)Quantity:
Elastic Yarn Thread 100ydElastic Yarn Thread 100yd
074625Retail: $6.99Our price: $4.99
(You save: $2.00)Quantity:
Metallic Waistband Elastic White, SilverMetallic Waistband Elastic White, Silver
103006Retail: $6.99Our price: $4.99
(You save: $2.00)Quantity:
Knit Elastic White 3/8inX2ydsKnit Elastic White 3/8inX2yds
103009Retail: $1.99Our price: $1.49
(You save: $0.50)Quantity:

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